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Brands Hatch

Daire Flock is the 2023 JSCC Champion

Coming into Brands Hatch Daire Flock lead the JSCC championship by 28 points, with double points for both races it could go either way in the Championship.

With the weather forecast for Saturday being heavy rain, it was decided that qualifying would follow the safety car for three laps and the grid for both races will be formed by championship positions, giving Daire pole position for both races.

Race 1 was wet and very slippery, Daire got off from pole, but was demoted to second as they entered the first corner, as the lap continued an incident caused the race to be stopped. On the re-start Daire got a better start, led into the first corner, with second place pushing Daire throughout the race, the two of them were able to gap third. With 3 laps to go the safety car was deployed for another incident that allow Daire to take his 14th win of the season.

The last race of the season and the decider was dry and sunny, again Daire was on pole position. As he led them of the line 3rd position was able to take the led Daire knowing a championship was at stake slotted in behind him the leader. Daire took the led after a mistake, was a close battle to the end with Daire coming home 2nd ensuring he became the 2023 JSCC championship and becoming the first Irishman to win championship in the UK

Daire said “I want to thank my team, Mum and Dad for all the effort in giving me this opportunity to win that Championship. It’s been a fantastic year and Westbourne Motorsport gave me a car that allowed me to get 14 wins, 21 podiums and a lap record at Silverstone. I now start to focus on next year, stepping up to the Clio Cup. I would like to thank all my sponsors that came onboard throughout the year, Reactive Welding and Sub Zero.”



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